Spam Karma 2.2 WordPress Plugin installiert

Aufgrund massiver Spamattacken in den letzten Wochen habe ich mich dazu entschlossen Spam Karma 2.2 zu installieren.
Bisher bin ich sehr zufrieden mit dem Spam Karma 2.2 WordPress Plugin, da bisher noch kein Spam durch gekommen ist.

Installation von Spam Karma 2.2

1. download the archive
2. unzip and drop the whole SK2 folder, as is, in your plugins directory.
3. Enable the plugin in the WP Admin >> Plugins section.
4. Browse to WP Admin >> Manage >> Spam Karma 2.
(Note: if you are upgrading from a previous install, simply overwrite the older files with the new ones in the instructions above)

Spam Karma 2.2 Projekt Seite:

Download von Spam Karma 2.2

Fazit zu Spam Karma 2.2:
Wehrt den Spam zuverlässig ab 😉


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One thought on “Spam Karma 2.2 WordPress Plugin installiert

  1. Someone else below asked this already about antispam scripts.
    I am getting nailed with Spam on my website mails and in our blog website – now its offline too

    much spam. Is there anyway to stop this? If not, there really isn’t any point in leaving it up

    and active. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for help, Keep up the good work. Greetings from Poland

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